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"The Tibetan Book Of The Dead - The Great Liberation through Hearing in the Bardo. By Guru Rinpoche according to Karma Lingpa. Translated with commentary by Francesca Fremantle & Chögyam Trungpa. Shambhala Publications, Boston & London 2007. Original copyright by Francesca Fremantle and Diana Mukpo, 1975." Newly edited by Gottfried Binder, Leipzig 2013.

"The bardo is the intermediate stage between the beginning and the end of anything. The "in-betweenness" is itself the bardo. Therefore we must also understand that there is nothing in all outer and inner phenomena that is not included within the bardo. For example, one bardo is from the moment you are conceived to the moment you are born. Another is from birth until you begin to crawl, and another until you are sent to school, and then another until you finish school. The period between falling asleep and awaking the next day is a bardo, and when you dream, the time from the beginning to the end of a nightmare is another bardo. The moment you start eating breakfast until you finish breakfast — that, too, is one bardo! All of these bardos are classified within the bardo of birth and death.

One could refer to [The Tibetan Book of the Dead] as "The Tibetan Book of Birth." The book is not based on death as such, but on a completely different concept of death. It is a "Book of Space." Space contains birth and death; space creates the environment in which to behave, breathe and act, it is the fundamental environment which provides the inspiration for this book."

— Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, commentary on The Tibetan Book of the Dead

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Das Tibetanische Totenbuch in der Englischen Fassung als doppelseitiges Buch zum Selbstausdrucken.